Vices and Devices Presentation at WCI

Hello Everyone,

On Wednesday February 6th from 7 – 9 pm in the WCI Library, WCI school council is presenting a parent workshop on “Vices and Devices”.

Teens today deal with many peer and social pressures. With the constant presence of cell phones, laptops, and other technology, and the prevalence and pressures of cannabis use and vaping, how can parents be prepared to help their teens navigate these potentially harmful vices and devices?
The evening will consist of two presentations:

1. Nursing and enforcement staff from the Region of Waterloo’s Public Health Department will discuss the health effects and enforcement issues around cannabis use and vaping.

2. Professor Marcel O’Gorman from the University of Waterloo’s Critical Media Lab, will present ‘Digital Abstinence: Making Attention in a Digital World.’ In this presentation, Marcel O’Gorman will discuss his research, art, and activism on the topic of “digital abstinence.” His creative and cross-disciplinary approach to the issue of responsible device use will leave you with thoughts and tools to apply in your own lives.


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