Behaviour Code

At Northlake Woods we strive as a community of learners to uphold consistent, positive learning expectations conducive to a quality learning environment. Our primary goal is to provide all students with a safe and supportive learning environment, one in which they can excel. To do this, each member of our school community (students, staff, parents and community members) is expected to respect self, others and our environment by taking responsibility for their own choices. 

As students, we strive to ensure our choices demonstrate respect and responsibility in ways that show consideration and awareness of belonging to a community.

As a staff, we work together to establish consistent processes and consequences to help guide and coach students to foster respect and accountability.

As parents, we work in collaboration with our children and school staff to support and encourage strategies designed to help our children become responsible and respectful members of our school community and our community at large.

As community members, we work to support the school in a away that is in keeping with the values and expectations of the staff, students and parents at Northlake Woods.