Education 4 Change

Thank you so much for Northlake Woods fundraiser last year for Education 4 Change. Every dollar we raise goes directly to Ethiopia to enhance the education of the children living in the Kelafo region. 

Currently we fund a mobile school with a qualified, full-time teacher who uses a donkey and cart to travel between 5 different villages each week. We also employed a qualified, part-time teacher who teaches the children and the women of the Goble village. We have now hired a librarian. Education 4 Change has worked with approximately 2700 students and over 100 adult women to date.

This year we completed the construction of the first permanent library in the area that will allow students to borrow books and bring them home. We provided a variety of reading materials, including children’s books, novels, magazines and curriculum resources in both English and the local language, Somali. The library currently has two donated laptops.

The demand for education is greater than what we can currently serve. We would like to extend our mobile school into other villages; make improvements to the local schools such as building a science lab for the high school nearby and to provide computer access at our library. One of the ways we can reach our goals is through the generosity of fundraising.

Once again on behalf of E4 Change and Kelafo community, I would like to offer sincere thanks to the Northlake Woods school. Please visit if you would like more information about any of our initiatives. Attached are some pictures from the field.

Abdi Maawiye
E4 Change, president


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