These days, math is taught as much more than simply memorizing 1+1=2; there are many ways to help your children learn mathematical concepts. Thanks to the generosity of a Parents Reaching Out grant from a previous year provided by the Ministry of Education, NLW School Council was able to create PAL – our Parent Activity Library. With input from our teachers, we assembled a collection of games and activities intended to help reinforce early mathematical concepts at home. These aren’t flash cards or rote memorization drills; some of these games may already be familiar to your family; many are probably new; and most can be enjoyed by a variety of ages and skill levels. The curriculum area of focus is indicated on each label – for example, play a fun game of Qwirkle to reinforce the concepts of patterning and strategy.   For a complete list of activities and concepts they support, see the PAL Activity List.

PAL is open to our entire school community, with a focus on primary/junior mathematical concepts.   Parents, students, and teachers may borrow up to 2 games at a time from PAL. Families can keep the games for up to a week, and then return the games to the librarian and choose a new one. PAL is located in the school library, just look for the big blue sign!  With easy-to-follow games and activities, engaging in your child’s learning has never been so much fun!

To sign out an Activity Kit:

  • Simply email with the following:
    -Student’s Name
    -Classroom/Teacher’s Name
    -Name of Games requested
  • Games will be delivered to your student’s classroom on Thursday afternoons to bring home.
  • You may borrow games for one week (Thursday- Thursday)
  • You may sign out 2 games at a time.
  • Parents, students and teachers may all sign out games.
  • Please return the Activity Kit to the librarian once you have finished enjoying it.
  • Please note if the games are not available at the time of your request we will have a waitlist available.